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I'm delighted to have been awarded the 2024 SAW Micro-Commission to create a new body of work during my Artist Residency at Singer Instruments Lab in Minehead, Somerset. 

Bio Art is a method of making art that involves the artist working with biology, live tissues, bacteria, living organisms and life processes. Singer Instruments in Minehead make robotics to accelerate research for biologists making the world a cleaner, greener, healthier place. Their global customer base are harnessing nature, engineering new microbial organisms to tackle some of humanity's greatest challenges.

Singer Instruments use Bio Art to engage with the public and help build understanding and confidence around synthetic biology. I have been appointed  to be their Artist in Residence this summer, to create artwork and curate a group exhibition by artists and scientists exploring Bio Art, such as Finnish Artist Johanna Rotko and Brazilian Lab, Microbioworld.

I am working with Harry Singer, CEO of Singer Instruments who partnered me with scientist Fiona Kemm to make artwork using their laboratory. Responding to the Somerset Art Weeks festival theme of "Flux and Flow", I will examine my relationship with the land, sea, environment and local landscape, by drawing inspiration from the English Romantic artist J.M.W. Turner's observations of Minehead in his 'Somerset and North Devon Sketchbook', from 1811.

Expect to see my interpretation of J.M.W. Turner's landscapes grown from yeast in Petri dishes, E coli spin-art photography, mycelium-inspired photomontages and digital artworks.

Open throughout Somerset Art Weeks 10am -3pm
Thursday - Sunday
Saturday 21st September - Sunday 6th October 2024

Visit Zoe's studio to see the new body of work evolve or follow on social media: @zoe.snape.artist

'Minehead Beach After J.M.W. Turner' 2024.
Drawing in yeast growing on agar with a bubble in a Petri dish at Singer Lab, Minehead.

May - June

Pop Up Exhibition

Pop-up exhibition in the Musgrove Gallery at Musgrove Park Hospital. In partnership with South West Heritage Trust  and artist Zoe Snape in the Hospital's Paediatric inpatients wards. The project was delivered in March and April with children and their families and carers exploring the work of Alexander Hollweg. Children created colourful block puzzles to keep. The exhibition shows their work and some original Artworks by Zoe Snape and Alexander Hollweg which are on loan from South West Heritage Trust.

Artist Zoe Snape as Anti-Aphrodite

Anti-Aphrodite, Film Still.

1 minute 38 second loop, filmed on location at St Audrie’s Bay, Somerset. May 7th 2024 for VOID exhibition at Hatch, Langport.

Void Secret Barn Exhibition Poster
Book your free ticket to reveal the exhibition location: Free Ticket

8:30pm Saturday 13th April 2024
Rob Young Photo of Aphrodite

Aphrodite CostumePerforming as Aphrodite in wearable art costume. Photograph © Rob Young

“Aphrodite was known as the goddess of beauty and love.

After the Apocalypse, she re-remanifested with strength and self-love rather than vanity as her beauty.

She was born from the foam of the severed genitals of Uranus after his son, Cronus, threw them into the sea.

Aphrodite returned to earth to stamp out misogyny and celebrate a new, powerful, honest, femininity…”
Zoe Snape, Anti-Aphrodite, 2024


Hatch Fashion Poster
5pm Sunday 7th April 2024

Artist in Residence 
Oak Children's Ward, Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton, Somerset.

The Museum Of Somerset appointed me as Artist In Residence during March, for the Oak Children's Ward at Musgrove Park Hospital in Taunton, Somerset.

I was invited to find inspiration in their current exhibition, ‘Journeys In Art by Alexander Hollweg’ to make art workshops for children receiving treatment at the hospital.

Kindly supported by Arts Council England and South West Heritage Trust.


Yeovil Hospital, Higher Kingston, Yeovil, BA21 4AT, 23rd April - 2nd September 2024.

Yeovil Hospital Exhibition

Musgrove Gallery, Taunton, 10th January - 2nd April 2023.

Press Release

Artwork display at Musgrove Park Hospital

Musgrove Park Installation

HATCH, Langport, 27th October - 12th November.
Hatch Poster
September 2023
Somerset Art Works
Back cover feature

SAW Catalogue Cover

SAW Catalogue Back

September 2023
Taunton Brewhouse

Behind the Scenes runs with the theme of Somerset Open Studios, looking at artist’ processes and practice, featuring a selection of artworks which surveys the breadth of work produced by Somerset Art Works members and the terrain in which Somerset artists now find themselves.

The work will have a sense of change or evolution reflecting the dynamic and profound processes which have affected artist’s practice at this time, accompanied by personal artist statements which provide a unique insight into their thoughts and ideas.

The gallery is open Monday – Friday, 10:00 – 16:00

Dates: Friday 8 September to Monday 30 October

Zoe standing beside her 8x8 feet painting


My live Street Art for Minehead Bay Festival 2023 #streetart #liveart #festival #minehead #somerset #spray #girlswhospray #exmoor #artist #sprayartistry #beaching #beachlifestyle #beach #beachvibe

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Out Of The Box - Celebrating 10 Years Of Contains Art, East Quay, Watchet, Somerset
1st - 30th July 2023

Expansion, 2023 - Out Of The Box
Expansion 2023

Swimmers series featured in Exmoor magazine, summer issue 103:
Exmoor Magazine Cover

Cold Water Dippers Article


In-Between, Open Studios, Studio 7, East Quay, Watchet, Somerset
6th - 14th May 2023
In-Between Open Studios

Bubble Woman, HATCH The Last Party In The World, East Quay
15th April 2023

Bubble Woman Leaving Studio

The Emergence Of Bubble Woman

'It had happened before,
during the Covid Pandemic of 2020.
We were told to stay in our bubbles,
while they
Broke The Rules.
But this time,
when they instructed us to socialise in bubbles,
We refused
We rebelled
We revolted
We would not gather in bubbles.
we atomised ourselves.

-Zoe Snape, Bubble Woman, 2023
Photography: Rod Higginson

Bubble Woman Up High

Bubble Woman Performs

Bubble Woman Hatch

Bubble Woman Like A Bubble

Bubble Woman at The Last Party In The World

The Titan Arcadia Gallery, Unit 5, The Quay, Coal Orchard, Taunton, TA1 1FB.
April - May 2023

Drifter, 2022
Airhead, 2022, oil on canvas (SOLD)

Drifter, 2022
Drifter, 2022, oil on canvas (SOLD)

November 2022

'Sanctuary' Somerset Art Works, Ilminster Arts Centre, 35 East Street,TA19 0AN
1st - 26th November 2022

Ilminster Arts Centre

September 2022

SAW Flyer

Zoe Painting Studio 7

May 2022

Blue - Open Studios

April 2022

Fifty Bees Exhibition

I'm delighted that my companion artwork that was included in this group exhibition has been sold, and is now in a private collection.

January 2022

Are You Local?

When I moved into my studio in September 2021, the most common question that I was asked by visitors was, 'Are you local?'. This unexpected question led me to think about the characteristic of 'local', and at what point do we become associated with a location?

Turning the question back to the public, I asked on my studio window, 'Are YOU local?' and in order to better get to know my local community, I offered free portrait sittings for anyone who has ever lived or worked in Watchet.

December 2021

My publication 2020 is now sold out. The book included a signed limited edition print on 300gsm archival paper.
2020 Cover

At the beginning of 2020, I was looking for a subject to provoke daily creativity, and turned to the headlines of the BBC News App for inspiration. Every day for a year I committed to publishing on Instagram my creative response to the top headline that appeared when I opened the app. This book presents the art project as it unfolded, along with the unforgettable events that led to the tumultuous spread of the Coronavirus pandemic.

The publication chronicles the disaster as it happened, through daily photographs, videos, paintings, drawings, sketches and illustrations. Each image is accompanied by text that details the date and BBC headline, alongside hashtags that described the events of each day.

A foreword is written by Camilla Brown, curator, writer and educator on contemporary art, previously Senior Curator at The Photographer’s Gallery and Exhibitions Curator at Tate Liverpool. 

Title: 2020

Author: Zoe Snape  


Hardback, 100 pages, full colour, 30x30cm.

Retail Price £40

ISBN 978-1-3999-0932-7 

First printing edition 2021

A full-colour hardback book

The copies sold included a signed limited edition print on 300gsm archival paper.