September 2022

I'm participating in this year's Somerset Arts Weeks from my Studio 7 at East Quay.
Exhibiting new works of art for sale from £30.
Open Tuesday to Friday 9.30am until 3pm, Saturdays and Sundays 10am until 5pm.
Saturday 24th September until Sunday 9th October 2022.

SAW Flyer

Zoe Painting Studio 7

October 2022

practical art guidance through a relaxed 10 week course, building confidence in three creative mediums - painting, drawing and collage.

DATE: Saturdays from 08.10.22 to 10.12.22
 Studio 7, East Quay
£100 (£10 per week)

08.10.22, 15.10.22, 22.10.22, 29.10.22
Anyone Can Draw! A relaxed guide to building confidence in drawing. Referencing renowned artists, myth-breaking, exploring basic techniques, and observational drawing. 

05.11.22, 12.11.22, 19.11.22, 26.11.22
Anyone Can Paint! A supportive guide to building confidence in painting. Exploring different mediums such as watercolours, acrylics and oils.

03.12.22, 10.12.22
Anyone Can Collage! A fun guide to building confidence in collage. Exploring different techniques and developing independent creative confidence.

This course is intended for those ages 21+ and is limited to 10 participants. Booking is essential. Please bring your own A4 sketchbook and 3B pencil - pop into the shop at East Quay for all your art supplies!


Art Classes

May 2022

Blue - Open Studios

April 2022

Fifty Bees Exhibition

I'm delighted to be included in this group exhibition as one of the companion artists.
My bee is the Sphecodes Miniatus, a scarce bee, last seen in 2018, so I visited the location of its last sighting in Wivenhoe Park, Essex and documented its habitat. It’s a mining cuckoo bee, so I became a cuckoo artist; using other artists’ works to create my own. John Constable depicted the location in the painting below, entitled, ‘Wivenhoe Park, Essex’ 1816, so I recreated his oil-painting in the same medium but with a contemporary style. 


I contacted my host bee, Pippa Sibert, for off-cuts from her companion piece for Fifty Bees. She provided fabric that I collaged into the foreground to represent my bees’ favoured flowers and, just as Constable used a fence to direct the eye, the flowers direct the viewer’s towards the reflection of Wivenhoe House.


Cows became dog-walkers and students, a Canada goose replaced swans, and a water-fountain rather than a fishing boat. Mary Rebow, the daughter of the Estate’s owner riding a horse and cart is replaced by me holding a Missing Bee poster. 


Reassuringly illustrating the interconnectedness of all things, are the exact same oak trees that are in Constable’s painting, notably larger. Can you see a cuckoo bird looking at the hole of a mining bee? Perhaps there is a little False Margained Blood Bee in it, emerging from its egg.

Wivenhoe Park, Essex (after Constable 1816) 2022

January 2022

Are You Local?

When I moved into my studio in September 2021, the most common question that I was asked by visitors was, 'Are you local?'. This unexpected question led me to think about the characteristic of 'local', and at what point do we become associated with a location?

Turning the question back to the public, I'm asking on my studio window, 'Are YOU local?' and in order to better get to know my local community, I’m offering free portrait sittings for anyone who has ever lived or worked in Watchet.

Painting a live portrait is a very intimate process and offers the opportunity for artist and sitter to share an intense experience. In exchange for local knowledge, I am offering to give you an oil painting portrait for the price you think it's worth. I will cover the cost of my studio and materials, but the sitter decides the price of my time, ability and effort.

If you would like to participate, all you need are four spare hours on a Saturday, and a negative LFT. If you are isolating, I can paint your live portrait over Zoom. 

Come on, join in, it’s an affordable oil painting of YOU to keep FOREVER!

Book your free portrait sitting here

December 2021

I’m excited to announce that advanced copies of my new publication 2020 are now available to pre-order for £40. The first 20 copies of this book to be sold will include a signed limited edition print on 300gsm archival paper, and orders placed by 12th December will be delivered before Christmas for free in the UK.

2020 Cover

At the beginning of 2020, I was looking for a subject to provoke daily creativity, and turned to the headlines of the BBC News App for inspiration. Every day for a year I committed to publishing on Instagram my creative response to the top headline that appeared when I opened the app. This book presents the art project as it unfolded, along with the unforgettable events that led to the tumultuous spread of the Coronavirus pandemic.

The publication chronicles the disaster as it happened, through daily photographs, videos, paintings, drawings, sketches and illustrations. Each image is accompanied by text that details the date and BBC headline, alongside hashtags that described the events of each day.

A foreword is written by Camilla Brown, curator, writer and educator on contemporary art, previously Senior Curator at The Photographer’s Gallery and Exhibitions Curator at Tate Liverpool. 

Title: 2020

Author: Zoe Snape  


Hardback, 100 pages, full colour, 30x30cm.

Retail Price £40

ISBN 978-1-3999-0932-7 

First printing edition 2021

A full-colour hardback book

The first 20 copies sold will include a signed limited edition print on 300gsm archival paper.

Pre-orders to be delivered before Christmas 2021 are available to order here